SmartCellar –  World Leader in ‘At the Table’ Technology.

The Worlds Leading ‘At the Table’ tablet menu for Restaurants. Experience Incentient SmartCellar, the Ultimate Interactive Dining Experience.  Incentient patented software increases bar sales and improves your bottom line while enhancing the Customer Experience.


Powerful Marketing Tool

Smartcellar is more than an electronic version of your menu and Wine List. Custom interactive  features guide your guests through an unforgettable journey of your offerings while driving sales.
Digital Restaurant Menu – Wine Catalogue – Labels – Tasting Notes – Pairing suggestions – Detailed Attribute Information – Region Information – Interactive Database – Consumer Analytics – POS Report – Decision Tracking – Interest Monitoring – Nutritional Information – Ingredient Details – Allergen Content

Intuitive Admin Interface

Discerning Restaurant owners use Incentient’s Patented technology to offer guests live inventory selections from their Wine Cellars, Sommelier recommended wines, Featured Pairings, Producer-accurate Tasting Notes, detailed Attribute Information, label images and more. Our clients enjoy the benefit of the Incentient Global Wine, Beer and Spirit Database,  professionally managed and maintained for accuracy by a full time dedicated in-house team.  Make instant edits to your restaurant menus from the URL based Administrative site – Accessible from any computer any where in the world.

Reporting & Analytics

Paired with powerful Google Analytics, Incentient will create custom reports that show not only what is selected, but exactly how  guests are making their selection decisions. This information allows restaurants to reshape their beverage programs based on empirical data from guest behavior and not just a POS report.