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How we do it

Our latest SmartTouch and SmartCellar products are designed to work on any platform. Each application is uniquely designed and built in strict accordance with our clients' requirements and brand vision. Our three-part systems consists of guest-facing, staff-facing, and administrative modules that empower our clients to make autonomous, instant edits and updates to critical information in real time. We optimize efficiencies and drive additional revenue to your bottom line.

SmartTouch and SmartCellar are ADA, PCR, and GDPR compliant and can work as a stand-alone, fully-contained system or can integrate with most POS and PMS. Available in 150 different languages.

Contact us, we'll tell you more.


Building your brand

No two venues are alike. At Incentient we believe your digital guest experience should be a direct extension of YOUR brand, not ours.  We will uniquely curate every aspect of your guest experience, taking into account your brand vision, staff culture and guest profile. 

No, it doesn't take long,  we've been at this a while.

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